Saturday, October 21, 2006

Religious Freedom Catch 22

Perusing the news, I found this story on the New York high court's decision against Catholic Charities. Catholic Charities objects to providing contraception to its female employees, as the CC sees these avenues as sinful in alignment with the Catholic church. The court chose to see CC as more of a business than a religious institution, thus stripping them of legal protection for not providing employees with contraception. They said that it was not legal for CC to impose its beliefs on its non-Catholic employees. I contend that if CC attempted to restrict its hiring to only Catholic employees they would quickly be sued for discrimination. So what are their possibilities? The court was quoted as saying that they were attempting to protect the state's "interest in fostering equality between the sexes". Now perhaps I am just completely blind, but how exactly is forcing CC to provide contraception to its female employees "fostering equality between the sexes"?? Talk to me.

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sokmunki said...

If they REALLY wanted to make the sexes equal, they should be giving women bolt-on versions of what goes in the contraceptives. I'm talking about the male form. Of contraceptives. I guess they were prolly talking about BC. Oh well, there's more that one way to skin a cat. LOL