Sunday, September 28, 2008

DIY - Energy Drink, EnerT � Bold-Italic-Underline

Saw something mentioned (maybe over on Lifehacker) about DIY energy drinks. I ended up following a few links and then ran across this fellow's post that summarized the "EnerT" recipe. The original blog post seems to be limited to invited readers only, so I was pretty happy to see that Askar chose to put the original in his post, due to his own distrust of exterior links. I figure I will do the same since he appears to have moved on also.

"EnerT Ingredients (32 oz or about 1 liter):

* 2 Tea Bags
* 6 level teaspoon sugar (24 grams)
* A pinch of salt (0.5 grams)
* 2 oz lemon juice (about 55 grams)
* 30 oz boiling water


* 100 calories
* 500 mg Sodium
* 60mg of Potassium (from the lemon juice)
* Caffeine varies, est 100mg-200mg caffeine (depending on the tea used and infusion duration)

Estimated Cost:

* Lemon juice: $0.10
* 2 Tea Bags: $0.06
* Sugar, Salt, water, etc: negligible

Compare to 32 oz Gatorade:

* 200 calories
* 440mg Sodium
* 120mg Potassium
* No caffeine
* Cost: $1.29

Seems the overall plan is to brew some tea and then add sugar, salt and lemon juice... I thought to myself, "Where is the rocket science in that, but then looked at it compared to Gatorade and realized there isn't a whole lotta difference. Have to try this soon.

New Propulsion Options From China?

According to the Chinese may have developed a new type of propulsion for satellites and other space vehicles. I believe "Mars in 41 days" was thrown about in there somewhere. I have no idea if it is possible, but it might be interesting to keep an eye on it. I am trying to recall major scientific advances made recently and haven't come up with any so far that would rival this, if it is true.