Sunday, September 09, 2007

A Real Life BattleMech, Sort Of

This is a reprint of an older article. I am not sure the original is even posted. But the long and the short of all this is that this fellow, Jim "Starfury", built a scaled down version of a MadCat BattleMech for his kids. (Of course it was for his kids... what kind of grown man would build an 18 foot wood and metal model of a 31st century 80 ton war machine... ok, so maybe it wasn't only for his kids!)

Anyway, he and his buddies spent who knows how long designing and building this thing and as such projects often go it went well beyond their initial plans and expectations. Nearly growing to large for the garage it was mostly built in and the fence it had to be moved through, this behemoth consumed months of time and numerous trips to Home Depot (or a locationally closer, similar store).

But, as you can imagine and see from the pictures, it was probably worth every minute.