Monday, October 23, 2006

Free Open-Source On-The-Fly Encryption

TrueCrypt is another way to protect your data and actions from whomever is threatening you (remember, it isn't really paranoia if they are after you!). The biggest advantage I could see with a lot of this is protecting thumbdrives and other mobile media that you could accidentally leave behind in internet cafes and such. Those silly things are almost designed to be lost I think. Anyway, the worry I have with most of this stuff is that I will forget the codephrases or other access parameters and not be able to access my data.


sokmunki said...

1. It is also not considered paranoia if they were after you.

2. Yes, they are designed to be lost, but that's what 550 cord is for. ;)

3. Write your codephrases on a few sticky notes and stick 'em to the 'puter, thumbdrive, and whatever else you can find. That should fix that little problem. :P

sokmunki said...

Ha ha ha