Sunday, January 14, 2007

Teratogenesis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Well, the "redesign" post previous to this one is now out of date. Darn it. Anywho, the word for the day (this is in no way a guarantee, implied or otherwise, of any future words of the day, week, month, etc.) is teratogenesis. I can't remember where I ran across this word in browsing the web today, seeing as how my blissful browsing was interrupted by the reality of needing to unpack the last 20 or so boxes of Move Around the World 2004-2007. Although, I don't mind seeing various parts of God's creation (could do with a bit less desert all in all, but it all has its uses), I am really not fond of the constant need to unpack and place worldy belongings in a semi-organized fashion around the house. I like the end result... now that I think about it, it is similar to children, I like having them and all, for the most part, but if it were reliant upon me to plan their birth and all that, I probably still would not have gotten around to it yet...

Wow, how is that for a rambling, off topic post?

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