Sunday, August 20, 2006

Battles of Xerxes I

Dig those crazy Spartans! With a historically documented lack of regard for their own safety they managed to hold off a far numerically superior enemy (a.k.a. the Persians) at Battle of Thermopylae. Most historians agree that regardless of the actual numbers invovled the Spartans (and their lesser known allies) had a pretty good idea of how well they would come out of all this. Interestingly though, had a Greek farmer not sold his countymen out and showed the Persians a way around the Spartan defensive postions, the Greeks could have done a lot more damage. I can't believe that the Persians wouldn't have gotten wise eventually and looked around for something else. I mean really... "Gee Boss, we keep attacking them at that one little spot and getting our collective rears handed to us... maybe we oughta look at some alternatives, whaddaya think?" Who knows, maybe the Persians didn't regularly refer to Xerxes I as "Boss".


sokmunki said...

They prolly just called him "X" =P

lewis said...

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