Saturday, November 05, 2005

Netflix settles lawsuit

Users gain as Netflix settles lawsuit. I saw this (also seen here) and had to wonder once again at the problems with our court system. Evidently (and yes I am making an assumption here), this guy sued Netflix b/c in his eyes they failed to provide him unlimited movies with one day turn around.
Now if they said they could give a one day turn around, I didn't see it. But, even so, you gotta have a little common sense here. They are selling a product. Am I the only person who would look at an ad like that and think to myself "One day? Yeah right. Maybe if I lived across the street from the disto center and was personal friends with Bob the delivery guy". Besides, don't people realize that if they like netflix, which I assume they do if they remained a member all this time, that to take this is going to possibly hurt the company that gave them this service in the first place? I did notice, as /. pointed out, that the service does not stop after the first free month. So anyone who takes this has to stop it or start paying for upgraded service. I can't imagine that slipping by the judge unoticed. Hmmm, that may restore some of my faith in the court system right there.

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