Friday, May 20, 2005

Want to know more about your system?

Belarc will tell you quite a bit about your system. It claims to not harvest information from your system and from what I can tell, the claim is truthful. It is a small download and a big eye-opener.


Anonymous said...

I ran this program today, and it was very interesting. I could see what was in my box without having to open it. I am going to be needing a new video card and it listed right there. I am sure this is not one of the main reasons to use this, but it was my personal highlight.

I also would like to reccomend . It will analyze your system and let you know what is wrong if you are having a problem you cannot locate. It will also help you fix it by giving insructions. You can test with an account, or anonymously.


lewis said...

Thanks Thom, I will have to check that out... although it sounds vaguely familar and I may have perused it before. Probably working on a friend's computer.